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With your support we will be able to carry out these groundbreaking causes targeted at improving mental health literacy, training young people in mental health first aid and so much more.

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We’ve conducted various projects across psychiatric hospitals, universities, and prisons as well as grassroots programmes in rural communities, but we’re not done yet. Partner with us.

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Depending on the outcome of your screening test, you can reach any of our counselors for directions on the next step on 08064888643 OR 09032419184 OR 08136770508.

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By developing and supporting the advocacy of mental health, we work to increase awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness. We also encourage people to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between young people and the mental health community.

We are focused on removing the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, and creating a comfortable environment for an open conversation about mental health issues. As an organization, we aim to achieve this through online campaigns especially via our social media channels. We will also organize grassroots sensitization in rural communities, workshops, seminars, partner events.

We are well within the time of the Social Media, and these apps have come to serve as the platform for people to share their lives publicly, in real time. In these times where suicide rates are rising across the world, we have to now recognize that Social Media is the New Suicide Note, and we all have to listen.

Victor Ugo, 2017.

Our Pledges
  • Expression Fashion Show ABUJA
  • We will be bringing together talented, inspiring mental health practitioners/enthusiasts and brilliant minds in the technology field who are eager to make a real impact in improving the health of millions, separating them into teams and letting them have a go at hacking the digital mental health space.
    July 13, 2018
  • Yoga and mindfulness serve sometimes as therapy for both stress and some other forms of mental illness. We are partnering with yoga and mindfulness experts to organize events in open quiet spaces, targeting both service users and anyone that would be open to benefiting from the refreshing nature of both practices.
    September 22, 2018
  • Every year, In commemoration of the World Mental Health Awareness Week in October, we will hold an eat-out where young people can come together, have fun and most importantly discuss mental health issues and how to call the public and government’s attention to them. We are always looking for partners, so drop us line if...
    October 13, 2018
Mental illness is a health state where our minds find it difficult to cope with the pressures thrown at us resulting in a chemical Imbalance in our brains. Unfortunately, some of us battling with one mental illness or the other have often been misread or shall I say misjudged by people around us. This prejudice...
People living with mental illness may experience stigma and discrimination from family, friends, colleagues and the community in general. Sometimes the stigmatization may even make them feel worse than they already feel from the mental illness itself. Honestly, it can be tough dealing with any form of mental illness, having to be socially isolated is...
So you have finally made it past that first hurdle of admitting to yourself that you need a professional for your mental health issues, and you want to see a psychiatrist or a shrink as some of us like to call them. However, you are not exactly sure how to go about it and you...
What is in a Name? I would never have thought that I could ever be accused of substance abuse. I am a health professional for goodness sake! I know all the chemical bla bla bla of these drugs and their resultant effects; so I know not to indulge. I would never have made money as...

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